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Manicure & Pedicure

The word manicure is derived from the latin words manus meaning hand and cura, meaning care.


A manicure therefore cares for your hands in the following ways.


  • Improves the hands appearance
  • Keeps the nails smooth
  • Keeps the cuticles attractive & healthy.
  • Keeps the skin soft.

The word pedicure is derived from the latin pedis meaning foot cura menaing care this is similar to a manicure except carried out on the feet.


A pedicure cares for your feet in the following wayes.


  • Improves the appearance of your feet.
  • Reduces the amount of hard skin
  • Relaxes tired aching feet.
  • Keeps the nails smooth & healthy


Nail Services

  • File only ( with cuticle work) £8.00
  • File & Polish £10.00
  • Mini Mani ( File, cuticle work, polish, massage) £14.00
  • Mini Pedi ( File, cuticle work, polish, massage) £14.00
  • Delux Mani ( All of the above + nourishing mask & hot towels) £22.00
  • Delux Pedi ( As Above)
  • Paraffin Hand Wax £20
  • French Manicure £15
  • French Pedicure £15

( We advise flip flops for pedicure treatments)

Nail Extentions

Nail Art

This is a method used to enhance the length, strength, appearance or repair of your own nails.


The benefits of this service include

  • Improves the appearance of short fingers
  • Improves the appearance of your natural nail shape
  • Strengthen your natural nail
  • Motivates nail biters to break the habit
  • Provides temporary length for special occasions.
  • Repairs flakey split nails
  • Disguises disfigured nails.

Prices Start From.

  • Acrylic tips from £30.00
  • Acrylic overlays £25.00
  • Sculpted acrylics £35.00
  • Acrylics Repairs £2.00 Each
  • Acrylic Infills £22.00
  • Gel Polish finish with any of the above add £5.00

Nail art is an exciting & elaborate form of nail decoration, which may be applied to the hands & or feet.


Art work can be as simple as a single stripe across a painted nail, or as intricate as a detailed scene.


  • Basic Nail Art £2.00
  • Complete Set £5.00

Gel Polish and Gel Extensions

  • Gel Tips £32.00
  • Gel Overlays £27.00
  • Gel Repairs £2.00
  • Gel Infills £23.00
  • Gel Polish £18.00
  • Gel Polish Toes £18.00
  • Glitter Gel Toes £20.00
  • Crystal Toes from £25.00

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